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Pablo was born in Mexico, he is illustrator, musician and graphic designer. Since he created Fito, a character that describes his different facets, until the exploration of different techniques is his latest exposition, “totems” in a gallery in colonia Roma in Mexico city, Pablo is a very complex and complete artist. Several magazines have published his work as illustrator, and he is part of the illustrators that work for a Mexican horror comic called “horripilante”.

In his work as a designer he has done discography art for local, national and international bands and as a musician he plays the guitar for the band Neoplen.

This band is one of those sounds that you can hear and recognise instantly, they play Mexican Son which is a genere of Mexican folk music. They play a unique sound linked to tradition, not just Mexican but other regions of the world too. You can check them out in their youtube channel, or play the video here while you read more about him and the interview we had with him.

- Social Responsible. What does it mean for you?

To think in our social and ecological environment. to act for the benefit of society at large. to maintain a balance between the economy and the ecosystem.

- As a creative, what social problem or social need concerns you?

I don’t think creativity make me be interested in a specific subject, I think that as human, part of a community and as an earth cohabitant I am concerned of all the problems, directly. We all are sharing a time and a space, every single thing we do affects others and every time we provoke change things will move.

- In your work,what is your idea of inspiring or impacting others?

Changing myself in a deep way, putting aside and discard activities that will affect the environment, my community and myself. It is easy to just say that I will leave the activities that harm, but it is very different when we really need to change. It is not easy and not everyone will do it, but when you truly change, you inspire others to do the same.

- what is the difference between talent and passion.

The passion is the energy and the heart we put in the things we do, the talent is a form of explaining how well a person do a certain activity. For me, talent is just something that could limit you while dedication and passion are worth even more because they can take you to higher levels.

You can check more of his work in his pinterest account.




Aitor was born 35 years ago in Seville, Spain and he fell in love with cinema since he was little. He began to study architecture until he decided to dedicate his life to his real passion… cinematography.

His work as cinematographer includes documentaries, short films, music videos, corporate videos and commercials. He have worked for many production companies such as Jaleo films, Manonegra films, Telemadrid, TVE, Baobab, Patito Feo producciones or New Atlantis. you can check his reel and enjoy his talent here.

Now he works as a freelance cinematographer and director in any part of the world that his services are required. WE’LL interviewed him and here are his answers.

- Social Responsible. What does it mean for you?

With everything we do in life we have to be aware of the social, economical and personal impact that's going to inflict to others. We are not bubbles anymore, we live in a globalized world where every act has a consequence and viceversa. That's why everytime I think of a new project or I'm offered a new one, I always try to analyze its impact, and if I consider it has no positive impact, I just won't do it.

- As a creative, what social problem or social need concerns you?

As a creative I'm always focused on being clear, trying to tell stories that move people, but also that makes them think, at least just for a few seconds. I've always been a quite political person, concerned on the world that surrounds me. I believe that we live in a world that is not fair at all, but what I always try is to be fair with my work and, more important, with my co-workers.

- In your work,what is your idea of inspiring or impacting others?

I believe in trusting the talent of others, bad bosses are always telling his workers what to do, and I believe that's the biggest mistake we can commit as leaders. We have to trust the people we work with. Only by dialogue and by listening very close to what others have to say we'll be able to do something truly genuine. What we have to do as creatives is pick up the good ideas after hearing everyone's point of view.

- what is the difference between talent and passion.

Talent is build by passion, and passion is build by talent. You can't separate one from the other. Only something that truly moves us from inside is something that we will sacrifice for, but don't get me wrong, not everyone is ready to do that sacrifice. I always love to say that muses don't exist, only work, work, work.

You can enjoy a tour around some of his work in his page!


Dafne, was born and raised in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, in 2002 she moved with her family to  Houston, Texas and there is where she discovered her passion for arts and theatre. In 2007 she majored in a Drama/TV/Film Performance from Oral Roberts University (ORU) in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Returning to Houston after graduation, she worked at the Houston Grand Opera (HGO) in the Costume Department. In 2009, she pursued her studies in Costumes, and graduated 2011 from the University of Houston with an MFA in Costume Technology. Dafne continued working at HGO, in the costuming area where she was costume assistant for more than 15 operas; among those, Madame Butterfly (2010), La Traviata (2012), and the well-known La Boheme (2012). 

Now she has returned to Tulsa, OK to be part of the faculty in the ORU Theatre Department and she is doing amazing things with her students, we interviewed her and this is what she has to say:

what is to be socially responsible for you?

To me it means that each one of us has the responsibility and the duty to care of the morals, values and principles of our society. By doing so, we're guarding the legacy for the next generations. It is our job to demonstrate the younger generations the value in having responsibility and ownership of their good and bad decisions. Therefore, the principle of mutual respect won't become a diluted value, but rather the compass that will lead us as a society, to a selfless life approach. 

What's the difference between passion and talent? 

Talent is the skill we are all born with. Passions is the fuel that impulses to develop that talent, to pursue our dreams with determination and thrive. Isolated each one is merely something, but together passion and talent, make of us achievers. 

How is your work impacting others?

I really hope that through teaching I'm challenging my students to be inquisitive yet cautious about accepting anything as truth. I pray for the next generations to be one that doesn't find satisfaction in itself and in the consumerism of our society, but rather in the blessing of giving, sharing and seeking truth. I urge my students to not comprise their principles and convictions. To avoid diluting the morals. To be aware of one voice, one voice only above it all: God's. 

What are you doing to inspire others to do better things?

I'm currently coordinating a Theatre group of 15 students to go on missions to Zimbabwe - a country with a huge index of orphans due to AIDS.Our goal is to serve and invest in the community of Zimbabwe by partnering with Celebration International Ministry. We’ll be presenting a small theatre production where spectators may witness God’s Fatherly love for them, and how He wishes to adopt all of us as his children. Moreover, the students will also assist Celebration Ministries in any other area where service is needed - orphanages, schools, etc.


Benjamin is a 25-year-old entrepreneur and strategic designer. Before being an entrepreneur he worked in the advertising field and this experience gave him a bigger perspective about business and helped him define what really means to be socially responsible.

Now he is becoming a social entrepreneur and is working to bring people together, creating his own company called ‘Cooks in Town’. Read more about him and his new and exciting concept that combines cooking, eating and sharing.

What is to be social responsible for you ?

You are defining your own responsibility criteria during your life. It can be in your work, in your daily life or in the way you are transmitting this to your children. For me, there are two steps before being socially responsible. The first one is to decide it and the second one is to transmit it.

I am an entrepreneur but I worked before in advertising and I remember marketing specialists talking about working on the corporate social responsibility of big brands, and I can tell you, it is the wrong way to be socially responsible. They are just trying to make the brand look more responsible only to sleep better and attract more consumers.

For me, being socially responsible is to have into consideration social problems and find solutions that are sustainable.

What’s the difference between passion and talent?

Talent is what makes you do something; passion is what makes you innovate.
To illustrate it, talent is what makes you have great ideas; passion is what makes you go crazy until you are changing the world with that idea.

Some people think they are born with an inner talent, something they have always been good at, but for me, talent is a quality one builds with the different experiences that are lived with passion.

How is your work impacting others ?

When I am explaining what I am doing to my grand mother, I still can see that she has some doubts about me…Haha. I tell her that I try to solve real problems.
I have always thought that by connecting people you achieve bigger things. My methodology is simple: always put people in the centre of the process and build a project from their insights. It has, of course, a lot to do with design thinking approaches. 

This year I created Cooks in town, an online platform that allows you to create your own cooking and eating experience. The goal of the project is to allow people to cook in other people’s kitchen to create a new dinning experience. Added to that, we organize dinner events in exclusive places so that the community of Cooks in town can enjoy the pleasure of being together sharing food.

“At Cooks in town, we believe that you are what you eat, but also that the environment where you cook influences your daily life. We consider cooking as a social act that has to be lived and shared with the largest community possible. Kitchens used to be the heart of our homes, the space of reunion, and we want to get back that tradition to bring people together in new ways.”

You don’t really do a project only to impact others but because you believe in it. If people are supporting your work, then you can be proud.

As a creative, what social issue worries you ?

Am I a creative? Hahaha. That’s something we still need to confirm. 

I am concerned about our personal development. With the evolution of the Internet, social media and smartphones, we are becoming more and more egocentric and giving less importance to real problems that are not affecting us directly but are affecting other people.

With my project, I’m deeply involved on how to eat better and bring back people together to have impact on their mental and physical health. I think that should be a basic, being healthy.

We’ll recommend this amazing eating and sharing experience, read and follow Benjamin and his project on Facebook and



Maria was born and raised in Spain but her mom is from Nigeria. She describes herself as quiet and shy but with an unstoppable burning fire inside, “I'm a dreamer and a lover, I’m a happy person.” she concluded.

Maria has a title of funky/hip-hop professor but has never imparted classes because she has focused in singing and interpretation. 

She dedicates her professional life to musical theatre and now she is part of the ‘Lion King’ cast in Madrid. Before she was in the ‘Forever King of Pop’ musical of Michael Jackson, her idol, she is part of the ‘Gospel Factory’ choir and she was one of the contestants in ‘La Voz’ Madrid last year ( check her out ).

Her voice and talent are definitely her way of touching others, or as she said, “to make people’s imagination fly”. She is making it real by singing, writing stories, future musicals and social projects that will, for sure, empower and inspire us. 

She answered some questions for us:

 What is to be social responsible for you?

For me being social responsible is to make an effort to make the world a better place. Helping people to find the light or the right path to their destinies, wether you are an designer, musician, actor or architect.

I love music , theatre, movies, and to write stories. I think these are very powerful instruments . We, as creatives, have the responsibility of making people’s imagination fly, lets use it to make them think as individuals and try to make a difference. Everybody loves music ,art, movies, theatre, lets help people with and through this. Let us take this talents and make social art, social music, social designs, etc.

What's the difference between passion and talent?

Passion is what wakes you up every morning wanting to work hard and enjoy deeply your work and live for it. Talent is the ability of doing something good, but I think both are together. If you have talent, probably you can do excellent things but passion plus talent makes you do amazing, awesome works that no one will ever forget.

How is your work impacting others?

I think I´ve been able to get where I am through hard work, lots of faith and prayers. I’ve changed a lot in the last couple of years, specially when I sing. I don’t really know how to explain it but when I sing there is something else going on, people tell me that whenever I sing something moves inside of them but the impact I think doesn’t have anything to do with my work or talent. I think we really impact others when we are able to help them spite of anything.

Being an artist is really hard and anyone can bring you down in a second, I like to be there for people who is feeling this way, cheer them up and give them a little faith.

- What are you doing to inspire others to do better things?

Some friends and I have a project that hopefully will get bigger in the future, this project is by and for artist that are tired of not being inspired by a pure and clean source. I also have an innovating and different project that I know it will impact people and the way they live and think. Bringing hope to people is what I love and if I can do that through art is much better.

She is one of the amazing artists that will be part of our next 'make it real' workshop in Madrid. Learn more about her work and future projects in her Facebook or twitter @MariaAyoLaVoz.


Ruohong Wu, or as many people know her, Ru, is activate in the field of architecture, design and art. She was born in China but lived in London for more than 12 years, currently is living in Madrid and soon she will move to Bristol to continue her “Sunrise Kingdom” country of design with her partner, the spanish artist and architect JoseJaJaJa.

She is more than in love and inspired by art itself, and you can feel it in every piece of work and project she is involved with. She started a self-published project “Ru & Jose Ja Ja Ja” to introduce their philosophy of making art through zines and also her own design brand ‘MADE by RU’ in 2014. Her work has been widely exhibited in London, Paris, Cuenca (Spain) and Beijing

Ru is making it real by showing others to be inspired by the uniqueness of oneself. We asked her some questions and here is how she answer:

what is to be social responsible for you?

Well, as I am trained to be an architect, social responsible turns to be one of the most important concerns in my work. But with the raising importance and freedom of what architects can do, instead of thinking about the society or simple the people, many architecture works nowadays turned to be political monuments or the manifest of the architect him/herself. This rings alarms for me, to think what is my responsibility as an architect, that is ‘doing things for people’. This does not mean to low down the possibility of pushing forward the profession or simplify the context, which means thinking architect as an invisible role during the process. We have to see ourselves equally important as any other profession in the society. To be short, never think it is ‘my’ building or ‘my’ design. 

what's the difference between passion and talent?

Just to give very personal answer to it. Passion seems to be something temporary, that everyone would have experienced in life. While talent in my understanding is that how you can keep the passion of one second, extend it, develop it and turn it into not only one’s own interests, but something takes impact to the society (society here could mean a family, a group of friends or larger meanings).

how is your work impacting others?

I never thought about how my work would impact the others when I start a new project. But if the work is original, fresh and you work very hard on it, always some how people come to tell me that they feel thankful to watch the project. That is a truly enjoyable moment. 

To show an example, the project I did this year (2014) with my partner Jose Ja Ja Ja. We had to construct something ephemeral in relation to a very poor and old local neighbourhood in Cuenca, Spain. And the budget was very low. We decided to restore the collective memory of this neighbourhood, to reveal the stories that were never written, the stories are anecdotes and daily life, that tell us about our grandparents, our parents, our neighbours… and to achieve this, we transformed a very old house into a piece of art by covering it completely with numbers of mylar gold fabric pieces. At the day of finishing, we organized a procession with local folk music to call up all the local people. The procession finished at ‘the house of gold’ and every person had to write one of their past stories behind every gold piece. As each piece of gold fabric was half attached to the surface of the building, the texts can only be seen when the wind flips over the paper. With numerous papers dancing rhythmically with movement of the air, we transformed the old house into a monument of memory, that some times appear, some times disappear. The exciting moment is that when all people collaborated with us, no matter children or the elders, and when people crying, laughing with the project, and they agree it is an art for the people.

What are you doing to inspire others to do better things?

I think it is most important to keep understanding oneself, because more than to be inspired by others, everyone has to be inspired by themselves. Every person is unique, with unique life experience, education, identity, nationality… This is very precious to be inspired and make unique things. I do not necessarily mean in design, I mean with everything in life.

I will finish this interview by saying that, to know Ru and learn about her, somehow, forces you to go deeper into yourself and finally explote your talent and print it into your passion. Experience RUjajaja and find more about her work in or at